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First Steps Back to Fitness

  • 30días
  • 59pasos
Los participantes que completen todos los pasos recibirán una insignia cuando acabe el programa.


Looking for fresh ways to get in shape? Join to get 30 Days of short workouts that each starts at less than 15 minutes. ⭐ ZERO EQUIPMENT TO BUY ⭐ Nearly all of our express workouts are fast enough to squeeze in over your lunch break. It’s simple enough to do from home, a park, or almost anywhere. - Small Daily Goals - Short Daily Journal Questions - Daily Exercise with Video Instruction - Tips - Meal Recipes - Meal Plans - and More All on a simple reward yourself system. Complete each daily goal and make your short journal entries then get the reward for that week. It's that simple. OH YEAH - Absolutely ZERO Fitness Experience Required! Use these next 4 weeks to freshen up your regular routine, get into shape, get some new ideas, and then stay in shape.

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